Who Is Smedtrum
Smedtrum Medical Technology Co. Ltd, found in 2019, is the first Taiwan-based developer and manufacturer of medical aesthetic equipment.
Headquartered in New Taipei City, Smedtrum starts as a local business and strives to expand worldwide.

Smedtrum is created out of an ambition to participate in the evolving medical aesthetics industry and the faith that technology brings us a better life. To carry on the passion, Smedtrum has devoted to developing high-quality medical equipment with a focus on non-invasive treatment systems, including laser, Intense Pulsed Light, Phototherapy, and HIFU.

With light and energy-based technology, Smedtrum specializes in offering solutions for hair removal, scar reduction, skin lifting, and adipose removal. Within the laser line, it has developed a full series of devices ranging from diode laser, CO2 laser, fiber laser, Nd:YAG laser, and picosecond laser, all to represent the best cutting-edge technology.

Rooted in precise science, Smedtrum's R&D team is advancing technologies enabling physicians and practitioners to offer treatments that are safe and efficient. As a new face in the industry, Smedtrum is born with the ambition and determination that it will lead the beauty industry from Taiwan to international shores.

About Smedtrum

Smedtrum is the first brand under Smedtrum Co., Ltd. which specializes in the development of medical aesthetic devices. The name "Smedtrum" is coined from combining two words, "Spectrum" and "Medicine,"representing the commitment we made to society, that through photonic technology, we are moving forward to a heathier and better world.

Our Mission
Technology Brings Out Your Own Beauty

"Be the Sparkling Miracle" is what we want to see from everyone. We believe everyone deserves to see their own sparkling moments. This is the initiative for us to continuously invest in technological innovations. From the past and for the future, we are here to create, deliver and witness more miracle moments coming from you.

Our Goal
In combination of Taiwan's medical strength and innovation ability, our goal is to be an international creator for medical aesthetic devices. On top of that, we are in the process of creating a thinktank based in Taiwan, composed of professionals in R&D, engineering and analysis, to provide technical and R&D support as well as industry insight and business strategies. This is how Smedturm will become the pilot of the medical aesthetics industry in Taiwan, working and growing together with the aesthetics community.



We grow with a global vision and aim to link up
with the world.



We bring inspiring talents together and focus on
precise science to innovate in technology.



We are detail-oriented and go beyond
international standards to provide the best
quality of products.



We advance ourselves with technology
development and build up long-term
relationships with customers.

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