6 Things Taiwan Does Great in Medical Field


First time hearing Taiwan? The quality of its medical treatment, health care system and medtech innovations would impress you


The island of 24 million population, Taiwan, once a toy factory kingdom in the past and now best-known for the IT components manufacturing, has long transferred itself to a medical hub. Little do people know its competence in medical technology and health care system.

1. Health Insurance for All
It may sound unrealistic, but Taiwan has managed to cover every citizen for health insurance since the 1990s. It is built upon a single-payer system that financed from the payroll tax and government funding.

With health care insurance, the 24 million citizens are privileged to have access to medical treatment at an affordable price. Statistically has it, for a patient gone through medical surgery, the cost in Taiwan is only one-fifth of it in the US.

Above all, health insurance has a global reputation. The database Numbeo has ranked Taiwan with the top health care system among 93 countries both in 2019 and 2020.

2. High Quality and Accessible Medical Treatment
The availability of hospital and medical care is key to good living quality. Among the top 200 hospitals globally, Taiwan has taken up 14 of them and ranked as the top 3 following the US and Germany.

People in Taiwan are blessed to have the best medical care with professional personnel and access to high-quality hospitals at an affordable cost. According to the CEOWORLD magazine Health Care Index issued in 2019, Taiwan ranked the top with the best health care system among 89 countries. The ranking is considered by the overall medical quality, including infrastructure, competencies of staff, cost, availability, and government readiness.

3. Taiwan Fights COVID-19 Successfully
An island used to be listed as the highest risk of COVID-19 outbreak turned out to be a model for the world on containing the disease. As CNN reported, Taiwan is among the four places that fight the COVID-19 successfully and key is its preparedness, speed, central command, and rigorous contact tracing.

Taiwan’s National Health Command Center has implemented several measures to stop the disease from spreading out at the very beginning. It includes border control, public sanitation education, and the availability of face masks. In June, it had marked 73 continuous days without any domestic infectious case. Dated to now June 29th, 2020, it has concluded with 447 confirmed cases among the 24million population, which is way less compared to the other places with the same population.

4. Cosmetic Surgery Hub
Aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery have put Taiwan in a leading place. Taiwan has beauty clinics in high density to offer advanced plastic surgery including breast augmentation, liposuction, double eyelid surgery, as well as non-invasive treatment like laser and IPL therapy. According to the data from Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare, there used to be a quarter of Korean cosmetic surgeons who have been trained in Taiwan.

5. High Accessibility of Advanced Medical Equipment
Taiwan has professionally trained practitioners and high accessibility of advanced equipment. For example, the most advanced robotic-assisted system Da Vinci has been introduced to Taiwan since 2004. The possession of 35 of them makes Taiwan rank top in the high-end medical equipment intensity. It has greatly facilitated the surgeries in Gynecology, Urology, and Colon and Rectal Surgery Division.

6. High-Quality Surgery Treatment
the island has set many records in the medical surgery field. Taiwan is the first to perform a successful heart transplant in Asia, with a success rate of 99% in coronary angioplasty & stenting procedure, an onset rate of less than 1% in complication.

Other than that, we also have the first-ever pediatric liver transplant in Asia. The survival rate after surgery in 5 years has surpassed the US to become the top in the world.

As listed above, Taiwan is competent in providing high-quality medical procedures such as cosmetic surgery, general surgery involving complicated high-end skill and cross-specialty collaboration. The achievement above is to name a few, way more to be discovered in the future.

Post time: Jul-03-2020

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